Integrating with Dynamics 365

Hi is anyone aware of any way, excluding Zapier, of integrating Webflow and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? I guess ideally I am looking for APIs, web hooks, etc.

Zapier is great but pricey when you are syncing thousands of pieces of data (I work for a membership association with 2k+ organisations as members).

I have also come across Stargate 365, but they seem like a Zapier alternative and again charge per sync/transmission.

You could use the Webflow webhooks:

You’d probably have to build a little web app using AWS or Heroku to receive the webhook, authenticate with Dyanimcs 365 and pass the data along.

Not an easy solution like Zapier, but you would probably spend much less over time.

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Thanks for the suggestion (and welcome) Sam. I can’t really code for toffees but willing to learn something new and give it a go. I have signed up to AWS to start with to see if I can get anything going. Very much open to suggestions/pointers etc though.

So if this is urgent and you don’t have a coding background it is a pretty large task and I would recommend outsourcing it to a developer. If you have time to learn I would read about this tutorial is useful:

Fair warning this is outside the realm of Webflow and front-end web development. New programming language(s), concepts, and a fair amount of set up to even get started on this locally.

It’s fun stuff, but challenging particularly if you’ve only done front-end work or have little coding experience.

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Thanks again for the tips.

Yeah I think outsourcing it is probably the way to go, if anything to ensure it’s done properly. I just need to find someone with experience of Dynamics and Webflow now. So far Google has yielded nothing.