Made in Webflow badge won't turn off

I finalized the transfer of my client’s website last night, and even though I made sure to turn off the Webflow branding toggles for the Made in Webflow badge and CSS branding, the badge is definitely still there and it’s really bothering my client. I told them to wait, but now it’s been over 24 hours, and it’s still there. I double-checked to be sure and they are off. I turned them on and then off again to see if that would work, but it hasn’t yet. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Wild. There are a few reports of hosting-update issues today. Another post I just answered was about the robots.txt not updating, despite multiple repeated attempts to republish it.

Please contact support and let them know of the problem. What country/city are you and your client in by the way? I’m watching to see if it’s a CDN cache issue.

It sounds as though some changes made through the site settings aren’t getting applied - you with the made in webflow toggle, the other poster with the custom robots.txt.

Are you able to get custom <head> code changes to publish? If so you could hide it using CSS for now, while the hosting issue is fixed.

Send me your public site URL if you want to do that and I’ll get you that CSS.