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Interactions 2.0 + CMS - How soon?

Hi guys,

Wondered on the ETA of this coming out?

For now I need to make a really complicated CMS page like this (click index on the side and click any artists name, then scroll) -

Pretty much doable in IX2 with the help of scroll magic help for the album cover transforms.

I’ve got a client deadline coming up in a few weeks & am wondering if I should just make a static page instead with IX2 interactions and hook it up to another CMS in the mean time?


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Very beautiful and really uneasy site.
Please give me Read-Only Link to your website in Webflow when you make it. I want to see how you implement it.

Hi Will,

X2 only works on the collection list at this point, and because you have the interactions it looks like on the individual items it won’t work as is. Only workaround I can see at this point is create your collection and then create individual collection lists. And limit them to one. Although I think you will run into an issue with the # of collection lists allowed on one page. I think it may be 10, So it may not work for 30+ items. That being said 30 artists to scroll through on one page is a lot. Very cool site. My brain cannot even comprehend some of those interactions.



Quite close to re-creating it in webflow :slight_smile: Will share when I’m done!


Thanks for the info. I had no idea they work on individual ones! Do you know if they get given ids or classes? I really want to take this one step further and add some Greensock/Vue/Anime stuff to them if IX2 is limiting me.


Will the you can put them in whatever div you want. Each one can have the same class or different.

so for instance

----- In here set a limit to show Start at 1 Limit to 1, start at 2 limit to 1, start at 3 limit to 1, ect.


it uses the limit to create a bunch of collection lists. Doesn’t make it really updatable that easy by a client though. just a workaround.

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Hello @smallio You have already done?

Hey yall! You’re now able to add interactions to collection lists: Let me know if you run into anything!


Fantastic! Thanks you!

Thank you so much, Sergie! Nicely done.