Lottie Animations not working when exporting Webflow site code

Hi all,

I need to host my Webflow site somewhere else due to GDPR reasons. I know that CMS items and the Webflow form would not work once I export the code but also my Lottie Animation are not showing up. Is that a bug or is that a known issue? And most important, is there a fix for that?

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Please refer to this other post for your answer.

that might not answer everyone’s questions, I was hosting the animation on github pages and it was working fine, then tried integrating it into a wordpress site and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it wasn’t working. Finally figured it out, hopefully this helps someone.

I had pulled all the code into the wordpress template but my wordpress template had a plain HTML tag in the header I didn’t think these data attributes that were included in the export were important, figured it was some kind of internal webflow ID so they know what site is what. Turns out if you remove them the animation shows up as a single still frame! so keep those data attributes in the html tag! :smiley:

I’ll share one solution for a site to pull lottie animations shared in another server: create a htaccess file with the header set access-control-allow-origin “*” code.
The * means any url, you can also set specific ones, which might be better.