Lots of SPAM emails recently on client sites

In the last 5 days, many of my clients Webflow sites have been getting lots of spam, multiple per day.
I recognize that SPAM is normal, but there has been an increase of spam.
Two have emailed me about it, and I’ve looked in other sites as well - all same thing. Several per day over the past few days.

Anyone else?

There has been lots of reports about this I’ll try to find the Facebook post about it and I’ll link it here.


This appears to be a targeted spam email sent through website forms. Please ignore the email, as all information in that email is completely false.

Our security team is actively investigating these incidents. We assure you that your website is safe.

Same here Brad, I’ve had two clients with Webflow built sites email me in the last 3 days about a big increase in spam. I’ve checked and it’s the same for my other clients and also my own Webflow site. I’ve never had a problem with spam for 3 years since using Webflow, so it’s strange.

I’ve added Recaptcha to several of my clients contact forms and so far this seems to be doing the trick, so I’ll do this on every site and hopefully this will be the solution.

If you believe you or your client received a spam form submission, please forward the email to form-spam-reports@support.webflow.com

I recognize the website is safe.
However, clients sending me screenshots of spam emails or forwarding them is not ideal.

You said the security team is actively investigating.
What’s the status / report of your investigations?
ETA on solution?

Thank you.