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Lost my listing of all my custom attributes

I haven’t been editing one of my sites for a while and when I click on an element that has custom attributes and then click on the settings section(gear symbol)–all the custom attributes that used to be listed there are gone, including the one selected for this element!

(The template I bought came with a bunch of transition attributes and they were all listed in the settings section under custom attributes. I added some of my own.)

I can’t copy and create new attributes based off old ones anymore because they are not there. Strangely, the elements are behaving in the correct way, although there is no sign of where they have been assigned their attributes.

Help!!! Anyone know what happened or have any ideas as to how I can recover my list of custom attributes ?

You mean interactions? They’ve been moved to the assets tab, the last one.

Yes–that is exactly what I meant–thank you !!!