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Looking to hire a webflow pro for a 360 product img viewer

I have a site where I built a responsive 360 product viewer, here it is: I built it based on this codyhouse viewer

I’m looking for somebody to help me take the 360 viewer what’s on the above page and build it in webflow with the custom code features and webflow’s capabilities (something that I will be able to see how you have done it and in the future add the same viewer to new products).

Here is the page I’m looking to add the viewer to: It would go in place of the current image.

I would try and get it done myself but I’m not well versed in webflow’s custom code features and don’t have the time to figure it out, so looking for somebody to help me out.

Looking for quotes and a timescale of when it can be completed.


Sent you a message, check pm

I have managed to get this working with the codyhouse 360 viewer and webflows custom code features by linking to external stylesheets and JS files.

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