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Almost ready. My future web design company site needs feedback please

Hey Guys,

I would love to get your feedback on my upcoming web, soon to go live:

Done 100% with Webflow, and so will all my future works :smile:

Thank You so much!



Not a bad layout but typography needs a lot of work. I personally am not a fan of serif titles with sans body. I would try the other way around. I also would choose fonts that are visually striking since most of your site is text based. If you have an adobe CC subscription you should have access to typekit which will give you tons more options for premium fonts. Otherwise check out and You can use to convert them to web versions to use on your webflow site. Just make sure you upload all 4 versions for compatibility.

Also check out for good font pairings in action.

I really like some of the examples on your portfolio. I definitely recommend using a big hero image like some of those examples also.

Good luck!

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Gonna have to disagree with @DFink on the type issue, I love it! (I’ve been eyeing up a similar font called Tiempos Headline but can’t muster up the confidence to commit to buying it.) has some other great examples of serif headlines btw. And I’m a big fan of just the general simplicity and calmness. Minimalism is always a welcome sight (no sh** sherlock haha)

My tips would be a few details, a hover state on the nav buttons (purple colour to go with rest of site maybe?) and to go with the whole calm simplicity of the site maybe some transitions between all the states… Like a 1-2 sec fade would be nice.

I guess you’ll be hyperlinking all the links/making them into buttons with a hand cursor on hover? Then obvs you can click through to your dribble page, click through to your webflow profile etc.

I hear what @DFink is saying about the type, but (as I learnt when I got a critique from someone on here about a site I did) everyone has different tastes and what works for some brands doesn’t for others.

Anywho, hope that helps and good work!

Oh one last thing, I’m not sure about that gif thing at the top… Maybe it’s the star throwing me off (cannot abide stars anywhere I’m afraid) but it feels a bit crude…

To echo what @DFink said, a hero image might be better! or, you could explore something like this That is all code in the banner, but you could do something similar with separate gifs maybe?

Just a thought, ta ra

Hey DFink,

Thanks so much for the feedback. I will keep your suggestions and work on it a bit more.

I was actually planning to pick some Typekit fonts, I love them too.

Thanks as well for all the resource links. I will add typegenious to my list, it’s pretty cool.


Hey Jamie,

Those were some pretty cool suggestions. Thanks so much!!!

I will work on a new update and let you guys know once up.

Thanks again for your time and words :smile:

Cool, I will play around and see if I get something else.

My idea of not using a hero in the homepage was to try to be as clean and minimalist as possible. But maybe the animated gifts can be changed, or just the star, haha.

Thanks Thanks!


No problem man, and yeah I know what you mean about not using a hero image and keeping it clean. Would love to know how to code complex animations (trim paths, background colour changes, etc) as in that website I sent, but I think that takes some doing! I did once stumble across something called Tumult Hype that was designed to make creating HTML5 animations more like using After Effects, but I didn’t delve deep enough into it to get to grips with it.

Let us know how you get on fella!


Hey Jamie,

I made a few updates on the site, including the ones you suggested like the hover and transition effect. Looks much better :smiley:

Thanks Dude!!!


Good work fella! Looks tip top with the fade.

No problem, have a good one