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Looking for a Webflow partner

I currently run a digital marketing company in Perth, Western Australia. Ever since discovering Webflow, I’ve wanted to move all of my clients across to it. I’m pretty much a novice web-designer so I am confident in building small business websites, but when it comes to building more complex and larder-scale websites, I will probably require assistance from a Webflow expert designer.

It would be great to see if there are any Webflow designers based in Australia or within a similar timezone to Perth, Australia so I can work together to build bigger and better website experiences for my clients.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I would be interested in this kind of partnership but I am on EST though i keep really strange hours so it might actually work out. I would obviously need my hourly rate to be met or work out a package deal. PM me if you are interested. Here is my portfolio:

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This sounds like a fun idea, but like DFink, I am restrained to EST (and possibly PT by the end of the summer) and because of that, I would find it quite difficult to collaborate with you based on the time zone difference.

Hope you find the perfect candidate!

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Dave can you build interactive websites that support a back end and registration/login system?

I am not much of a coder so I would be relying on what others have done or rely on a developer to make that happen. Sorry.

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Appreciate the honesty!

It’s a snap with Meteor.

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