Developer looking for designers

Hi all, I am a freelance Webflow developer based in the U.K.

I have just finished working on my latest project and I am looking for a new gig.
I would love to be able to team up and build a working relationship with some designers/developers.
Or is there a platform/forum other than Upwork etc where I can find potential associates?

A little about me …
After being in and out of dead end jobs, I decided to make a career change and began studying web development. I built a few projects for friends and family before making the leap into the real world and scored my first gig with a well established Wealth management company. I have been working with them for a little over a year now, gaining valuable experience and building my knowledge of Webflow and development in general.

I am now looking to expand on this experience and work with others within the industry.

You can view my latest project here -

Any help would much appreciated.

Thank you,

David Roberts.