Looking for one-on-one live tutoring/help with design & custom code

I am working on a personal project that I am using as a learning experience - I would like to find a professional web designer/developer who is US/Europe based and is very knowledgeable in Webflow and Javascript - to do several 1hr sessions to help me integrate custom code and optimize my project, come up with solutions to my problems etc… if interested please PM me, please also send samples of your work/pages so I can see what is the kind of stuff that you have worked on previously.

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to talking to you!

You are here in a very good forum so why dont ask what you wanna know and we all help you? :wink:

I have been doing this, quite extensively, however, my schedule is quite hectic and to have the best use of my time - I would like to work with someone to work through some problems that I have and find new solutions to my design challenges…

I find that this would be more efficient use of my time - and I will learn more (and quicker) :slight_smile:

ok… good points :smiley:

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Please check PM.


Thank you everyone, I was able to fins someone to help me with the project!