Need Help With 3 Things: Recaptcha, Site Search & Cookies

I’ve used Webflow to create my company website but I am code-illiterate so I’m having some issues with three particular things: using Google’s No Captcha Recaptcha on my web forms, integrating Google’s Site Search, and using cookies (or any other method) to show a popup only once per visitor view.

I’ve run into issues as a result of both my, and Webflow’s, limitations and I’m hoping someone out there has the skills necessary to get these things finished off in a timely manner. I’ve already made attempts and have probably done most of the work already, but need to get them finished off within a week or two.

If you are interested in helping and think you have what it takes, please email me at and I’ll send you the URL and read-only link so you can explore and tell me what’s possible.

I would like to develop a relationship with whomever wins this job so that I can call upon them in the future when I run into more problems… as I likely will.


I highly recommend @Renan_M_falo. He’s got me out of a few tight spots with technical things like this.


Thanks @Marxamus !

Hey @MIJason, can we discuss it better? I’m always online at Skype: renan.mufalo



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