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Looking for a stock price widget

I’m looking to embed a stock price widget that displays a company’s current stock price into a website, and I can’t find any examples. Anyone know how to do this?

This will be something you implement with custom code.

It wouldn’t be a difficult one to do, you’d just need to pull from an external source using JS. You need to find that external source though and be able to pull something via an API or some other call they offer.

Here is an example of a widget.

Take a look at this:

See if it is what you means.

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These are helpful examples, but I’m looking for the display of one specific stock price.

Something like this:
Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.36.14 AM

Unfortunately, my JS skills are nearly nil, though I may be able to fumble along. I basically built the layout of it, but not sure how to plug in the variables.

The link was an example…specifically for a single stock you would use Single Ticker Widget — Free and Powerful.
It doesn’t require JS skills unless you are trying to built a widget from your own data source.

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This is PERFECT!!! Thank you!!!