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What's a fair price

Mainly a question for the web developers here…

I am a web developer.

What is a fair price for developing a “standard responsive website”… And what does that include ? Not looking for an exact price. I know ever project and client are different.

I’m interested in knowing if I am over or under-pricing work.

Personally, I think it can be low or high but it depends on the quality of work, hours put in and mostly importantly the needs of the client. When I build sites for clients I put a ton of time in research and development. I learn their business inside out so I can deliver a product and better work with the client. Dedication to your work product in terms of quality, design and ability will dictate a fair price.

For reference, I have charged some people $300 to do a site but some I have charged $2000.
You pay for what you get I guess.

I would actually like to know what others think about this as well.

Hi Revolution…

I am from a region where quality is hard to place value on. Where 80% don’t want to pay the required amount to deliver the needed and necessary functionality into their website system.
I believe there is no “fair or unfair” price when it comes to services. I have lost client because i quoted so little to just land the job when i was in need of money and I have also lost client when I quoted what I think is a fair price. I have also won clients on both scenarios.
What is most important is that your service approach, delivery and results must justify the price. When a customer sees value from your initial consulting, your quality of work during development and most importantly the result expected from the website system or project, he will be happy to come and pay that your price again. Note that your price is definitely going to be different from my price even if we offer quality at the same level due to many socio-economic factors like standard of living, rate of eCommerce acceptance, cost of supporting utilities (and even taxes most times) will always cause the regional difference.
I hope you get my point. Be good.

It really depends on what is being developed or designed (theres a difference) and how many hours you put into it. The number one thing I’ve learned is that not every job is a job I have to do. Pick your projects with care, work with clients that are exciting to work with and do your best work every time.

Here is a great post on calculating what you should be charging to be profitable in this industry: