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Pricing Websites

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years but am transitioning into making websites.

I am a beginner and have not yet sold a website, and am working on learning webflow through their tutorials, etc.

I realize there are many variables, but I was just hoping to get some kind of general idea of what to charge or what others are charging.

For example it would be very helpful to see links to websites with an idea of the cost to make it. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be your own work, just use a site as an example and give an idea of what you would charge to make something similar.

As a starting point, here’s a website from one of my photography customers. I thought their designer did a nice job with it. Presuming you had all the text and images you needed, what would you charge to make something similar (disregarding that there is a log-in area for suppliers and customers).

Ideally, I’d like to see links to various price ranges, such as “this is a $2,000 website,” “this is a $5,000 website,” “this is a budget website for $500”, etc.


Here is a great place to start:

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Thanks for the link. But it would also be nice to see some real examples and prices.

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