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Looking for 1-on-1 Webflow tutoring

I’d like to see if anyone who’s highly proficient with WebFlow lives in the San Jose (CA) area? I’d love to meet up to discuss and resolve issues in person. I’d be happy to reimburse the right person for their time. It would be REALLY helpful for me to get a better/deeper understanding of this software in person.

You can send me contact info. or share the best way we could connect.

Thanks for considering it-

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Hi @dmisconish

I think you could get even more people to help you out if you’re open to getting 1-on-1 help via Skype or another screensharing app.

Is that something you’re interested in? If so, there are a couple of people on the forums that might chime in on this thread. :smile:

Yes- I’d certainly be up for that.
Skype would be a great solution.

Please let me know if anyone’s up for that.


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