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Can't scroll a fixed nav on mobile?

Hi there.

I have a nav with a long list of items. I’ve set the fixed nav element to auto scroll.

Once it opens on mobile I have it cut off and it won’t scroll. I don’t use the native webflow navigation. You simply click a hamburger button and it changes it’s display state.

how do I fix this?

and here is the preview

I want it to scroll naturally like when scrolling the page if the hamburger is clicked and it’s opened.

Thanks in advance!

Never met such problem but maybe you’ll find some help I always use this site if I’m in trouble so I advise you go the same way.

For some reason the Webflow version isn’t co-operating… Not a clue what you’ve got going on here, but it’ll likely be an issue to do with Overflow. Whatever frame you have the content in (on the expanded menu) needs to be set to Overflow: Scroll.

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