Login form to URL in WEBFLLOW

Hey everyone. Glad to be using WEBFLOW as I am familar with it and have switched over from the so outdated IWEB. ( I know :()

I need help getting a log in form that depending on the specific code or keyword entered will be directed to a url.

I used to use Jotform on IWEB in that when someone entered say 001 it went to an url but a totally different one when putting 002 or say 4456.

It gave me the freedom to make up codes and keywords and redirect to urls accordingly. It wasn’t what i would like , but spending the funds on a login system are not in my budget right now. Is there a way to implement this now in web flow? or something similar so when my customer puts their member access code in I can redirect them to a page with some basic PDF files and images on it?

Thanks in advance. Love web flow. What an amazing company that continues to listen and innovate. Have been waiting a long time for you guys. Cheers!

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