Locating unsafe external URL in Wenflow pages

Hi Support
We’ve been asked to fix 11 issues with mixed content by our SEO (Semrush) system and it has identified all the external URLs with HTTP.
It’s requesting to remove or fix these URLs as they should be HTTPS.
Some of the URLs are:

However, we’re not able to locate them.

  • I checked all links
  • HTML Embed codes too
    Can you please help to locate them and advice a better way to find these type of URLs?

Hey Sam,

Welcome to the forum. Note that this forum is community supported, not an official Webflow support channel. You’d need to contact webflow’s support team directly if you have system problems.

You’ll also need to share your published site link, and readonly link, if you’d like some help finding those URLs.

It looks like you have some form of image-based countdown mechanism on your site that’s generating these, which seems likely to be a script. Scripts can be in your page level custom code settings, site-wide custom code settings, or in HTML embed elements on a page.

Thank you, Michael
I found the embed HTML code for this widget but I can’t seem to locate the HTTP:// link they complain about.

URL they talk about can be found in Chrome source of the website too.
I’m wondering if there’s anyway to view the source code through webflow and search and remove this link.

No you need to search the generated code.
Share your readonly and published links if you need help.

Also I’d need a specific page URL on your published site where the error is being reported, in order to help you find it.

Appreciate your help here.
This is one of the pages we see the above URL is mentioned.


Thank you.


Thank you so much! All sorted for now :slight_smile: