Localizejs.com language widget & Webflow CMS don't work together

Hi guys,

recently i tried out localizejs language widget with a common webflow built website and it work well. But as i integrated the website into the Webflow CMS the translate widget won’t work anymore. I supposed that the localizejs language widget would not work with the CMS but anyway do anybody know any tweak to avoid this?

Thankful for any help! :wink:

Hi Aykut,

As Localize.js people advertised their solution here numerous times, I guess this request for help should be directed to them, on their help platform (if any). As for now I don’t know of a Webflow user who is using their localization solution with a CMS site, who could help you.

However can you let us know if you found help and made it work.

Hi Vincent,
You are right, it mainly concerns the localizejs team. I asked them for support too and waiting for an answer. Nevertheless i thought somebody in this community experienced this issue before and could have some helpful advice.

I will keep you up to date as soon as i find a solution.

THANKS! :wink:

I’m also interrested to see the site with the localization in action :slight_smile:

It just took a time to update the text by localize.js Shortly, i’ll report my experience:

  1. At chrome browser the language widget disappears after seconds. At safari it works.
  2. You should position the widget at the top of the page. Otherwise it disappears behind the CMS Navbar at the bottom. (Here is how: https://localizejs.com/questions/general/customize-widget)
  3. The localise widget translates the whole interface. Even the CMS navbar. This is funny (especially if you don’t speak russian) :grinning:
  4. While updating the content you should have the default language active. In my case english. After adding or updating content on the site, new phrases will appear at the localizejs project interface and you have to approve the translation. And done. The content is translated.

All in all i like this widget. Now i am looking to customise this widget somewhat. For example i’d like to have this widget integrated in my default Navbar. If anybody has ideas for that i’d love to know how to integrate this in the Navbar.


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