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Loading screens don't go away in preview mode

I’ve come across this bug on a few of my websites, where any loading screens I’ve created (interactions that happen as the page is loading) just keep going when I preview the site. I’ve set these loading screens to disappear when the page finishes loading, and this actually works fine when I go to the live link. It just seems like the interaction for when a page has finished loading doesn’t trigger in preview mode.

Here is one of the sites it’s happening to: (you’ll see the loading page comes up and disappears when it finishes loading, like it should)

Another one on a different account:

I’m using the latest version of Chrome and Mac OSX Sierra.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @jshlii

Thanks so much for posting about this interaction issue with page load.

I took a look at your project and was able to see the issue when using the Page load animation V2. However I wasn’t able to reproduce it in new site / interaction.

My initial thoughts are that the length of the animations on page load takes longer than it takes the page to load, resulting in the page finish animation not firing. I’ve reported this issue to the team and we will continue investigating this issue.

In the mean time you can work around this by adding the page finish animation to the page load animation like this:

It should then look something like this in preview:

I’ll report back to this post as soon as I have more information!

Thanks for your help with this.

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Thanks for the work around!

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