Loading DIVs without refreshing the whole page

I’m planning design of the website and trying to figure out how to organize it.

What I would like to achieve is to have a DIV which can be loaded to previous or next without refreshing the whole website.

For example the Blog posts. If I set the DIV with blog posts on my home page I would like that user can click prev or next button which would load the previous or next blog post.

I was reading about Dynamic slider but I don’t want to have all the blog posts loaded in slider on my home page, because if they are size heavy with images, it will slow the loading of the whole page.
Instead I wold like to have just the last blogpost loaded and buttons next to it, which will load prev/next(by upload date) blog posts without refreshing the whole page.

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What I was thinking if it would be possible to only load section of the page without having to clicking previous and then the whole page would have to be refreshed.

There are three photos on hompage and after you click previous, three other photos are loaded on the place of the old ones…everything else on the page does not load.
Also, photos should be pulled from dynamic CMS pages, not from static pages.
Clicking on each of the photo should lead you to another dynamic page, so it’s not like “only photos beign displayed”.

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