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Hey guys, I know there’s a lot on your plates at the moment but I was wondering if some time in the future you could add live chat to the forums? This sounds like a huge job, but you could use a simple, free tool like Pure Chat (see an example on their website) - having tested it, it appears to be the best free software for live chat. Also, by default the box won’t appear when you are not online to chat so it wouldn’t be a full-time job.

It would only be for small questions like ‘how do I change the width of an image’ or something; for more complex questions the forum should be used.

So, yeah, it sounds like a massive job but I don’t think it would be too hard, so I thought I’d suggest it to you but it’s up to you :smiley: .

Thanks for the suggestion Bertie! We’ve considered doing live chat and will continue to consider it.

It’s funny though - something as simple as “how do i change the width of image” can’t be answered so simply. It would be nice to have a knowledge base with answers to these types of questions and we are working on building that out over time.

I’d be more than happy to help people out with some issues/problems/tasks if there would be a live chat option :slight_smile: Since I have more free time now because I don’t work anymore, I could help out some of you, folks :wink:

Haha, that’s true, Sergie! And I agree, a knowledge base, possibly faq-style would be a great thing to have.

And if live chat was ever added to Webflow, I, like Bartosz, would love to help out or I could help with the knowledge base - just let me know!


Thanks for your help! I’ll stay in touch with you guys and let you know how things develop.

Thanks for your suggestion. We are using Live2Support and its working nice. When I was comparing features and price of other live chat software, I found Live2Support nice in terms of price and features.

By the chance I’d like to ask if anything is going forward with the LiveChat support in which some of us could help other people :wink:

Thanks for the recommendation @jennie23, and for the offer to help man a livechat experience @bartekkustra!

We are actually doing a pilot with livechat help for a small group of new users right now, to see if it’s something we’d like to roll out more broadly at some point. We’ll see how it goes!

The idea of having our awesome community members providing livechat help/guidance to other Webflow users is super interesting – and we’re excited that some people like you @bartekkustra might be interested in helping out! We’ll definitely reach out if it’s something we want to try!

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I am using REVE Chat and services are extremely good. Its paid but i didn’t cut the corners too much to avoid any kind of trouble. This live chat software includes all the basic features plus real time monitoring and call on click. This will definitely an alternate to mobile phones and emails. Still wanna say thanx to @jennie23 and @bertie for their precious suggestion.
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Thanks for reading :blush:

I remember a website a couple years back that revealed a chat box when help was available. So one day I could browse the site and no box visible. The other day it was revealed and I got answer right away. I kind of liked that. It was like going in to a physical store. Sometimes help is isn’t availble but when I do get contact with staff the attention is on me.

"We’ve considered doing live chat and will continue to consider it."3 years ago -___-

To be honest i think a livechat will be too busy. There will be so much people asking questions on the livechat instead of the forum that the wait time would be very long + it requires a few extra employees with Webflow knowledge.

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This isn’t a free service – In fact, it’s way more expensive than competitors and doesn’t even include FTP. Hire a few guys overseas to answer quick replies, and only reply to tier 2+, and suddenly WF has some happy customers!

For example, I was prompted to upgrade – I upgraded, and now it’s still prompting me to upgrade. I have to wait the entire weekend for a response, when I was planning on working on my sites. Sadness…

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[Netrox SC][1]

[1]: New live chat software.

Over 1000 options. Everything is customizable.

There is a free version!

I actually wanted to have Slack, but it seems there are only paid options to have Slack on the site.

So I found, which seem to offer free chat and has some code I can embed on my site.

Has anyone experience with either of both?

Please no, overseas…don’t care, can’t help chat support. Not that overseas is bad but the often typical – don’t know the product, don’t try to understand the issue is bad.

Honestly, support via email has been really solid. But being able to chat is always nice.

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I think a community based IRC channel is the way to go. We already seem to have a community of users, if there were one channel where everyone knew to go, that was advertised in the forums so everyone knew they could go there for help, I think it could be successful.


are there any news about this plans after 3 years? :slight_smile:


They do have live chat under their pricing page, all depends if someone is around. Normally they will tell you to open a ticket for support issues. But its good to get a quick question answered.