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Some websites have an awesome “live chat” option in the bottom right corner when a user arrives at your website. Here’s an example:

Does Webflow offer an free or paid widgets or modules that provide that function? Ideally to start, I’d personally be the other person on the end of the chat when someone has questions, and I’d be able to get notifications on my phone when someone sends a message (so that they can receive a response even if I’m out of the office).

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As far as I’m concerned Webflow doesn’t feature anything of that nature. You might be able to find some livechat system online which can be embedded via the embed widget in Webflow.

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You can add a third-party solution’s custom code site wide:

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.


Hi @Tim_Lichti - looks like is using There are many many solutions, including Olark, Chartify, and LivePerson.

It’s not really in our interest to be building this directly into our platform since other companies solve this problem quite well, and others make it very easy for you to embed their live chat on your Webflow site. Let us know which one you end up with!

Just use - It’s free too! Great stuff - Its on all my sites.

We use which they offer a free plan.

As others have said you can simply add the script through the custom code section.

REVE Chat offers a free live chat software for one month. After that you have to pay to continue the services. In other words, its a customer service software with a trial. REVE Chat has some unique features like proactive chats, call on click, multiple chat sessions at a time, real time monitoring. keep track of agent’s performance etc. This online chat software can change the way you do business and enagage your customers in a right directions.So hit the URL and increase your customers list.
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