Live Chat HTML/embed feature request

Would it be possible to make embedding a free feature for creating websites? The reason is so people can add live chat to their websites. It would be so useful!!! Unless the product team can figure out how to add a live chat embed code that is free that can only be used for the live chat embed codes nothing else. Hopefully this happens!

Hi @Luminity

Yes, it would have to be a 3rd party software embed. You would have to do it for them, or recommend a service to add. Either way it will have to be added manually. I suggest using Tidio, that’s what I use. Just add the monthly cost into the total price or budget.

Well, I didn’t really want to pay. I want embedding to be free so I can add live chat.

Yep understand. The Tidio has a free embed as well. Most of them have a free plan but it’s slightly limiting. In terms of customization I mean; colors, client form before input, forwarding, etc. I chose this one because it allows for the agent platform on the free plan. You can really run a full customer service just on that plan if you want.

Many of the others don’t allow that web based management system. It also has a CRM so your customer info is stored without adding a separate software for that. You can see it on my portfolio:

This is the one I’d try first. I tested nearly all of them. And if you want to upgrade the price is very affordable, if you need bots or something.


Take a look at which I have used before

@garymichael1313 Yes, but when embedding it into webflow, it costs money. I would like the embedding part to be free. I am using on my other site but I had already made the webflow site and I don’t want to take a long time working on another.

What?? It shouldn’t cost. Unless you’re on the free plan. That won’t allow for the embed feature. If that’s the case you can’t add. Understandably, they won’t allow free plan to use embeds.

Yeah. they must have changed it.

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