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Lite Plan 10 Projects Not Enough

I’m crazy about Webflow but the pricing is clearly an issue.

I’m on the Lite plan paying monthly, as I’m in the UK I’m having to pay extra on top because you only have US pricing. So I’m paying in excess of $25 a month for 10 projects which soon gets eaten up.

My only other option is to pay close to $50 a month for unlimited projects, as a student with barely enough money to afford to eat this isn’t feasible.

Could you guys not offer some way of increasing how many projects people can have, or, provide a discount to students who can confirm their status?

For example, when you reach your max number of sites why not allow people to purchase an add-on of say 1 extra site for $1 or 5 for $5, which is automatically billed with your monthly payment unless you fall back to 10 sites and then the extra cost is automatically removed?

That way you’re not charging a silly amount, people still have reason to upgrade to the unlimited package and your making money from the people currently caught in-between.

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Hi @Qwen, thanks for the question. At the moment the Webflow student discount is only for the Lite plan only and only for non-commercial usage.

The Pro plan is our premium individual designer plan with all hosting features, and there is no student discounts available for that plan at this time.

The lite plan allows to manage up to 10 site projects in the dashboard using free staging hosting. It is also possible to host unlimited sites that are having a paid hosting subscription. Each paid hosting subcription will free up a site slot on the Lite plan dashboard.

I would also recommend to list your pricing ideas on the Wishlist to let the marketing team know about what kind of plan options you would like to see implemented.

I hope this helps!

I would like to be charged in pounds instead of dollars tbh :neutral_face:
Can never be sure how much I’m going to be charged due to the exchange rates…


Coming from Brazil, that is a BIG issue.

I’ve been trying to sell webflow as an option to other clients but so far
only 1 found it viable.

I have no ideia how much work this involves, but MyFonts, for instance,
just implemented a local currency feature. Needles to say, knowing exactly
what the value will be by the end of the month is hugely encouraging to go
through with the purchase.

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