Listing in a collection item of new items based on dates

Hello everyone, everything good?
My team and I are building an enterprise website on the Webflow and we want help for a specific function.

It involves making a list of photos filtered by date (month).
For example: On each project page (which is already a collection item) we need to add a selector that chooses a month that in turn lists a gallery of photos regarding the progress of the work on that date.

See this example in the image.

Our current page:


Hello, does anyone have an idea how to do and help us? Thankful!

I’ll offer 2.5 cents worth.
Assuming your cms has a date field, you could sort by it. There is also a way to apply a filter, but the date would be a good place to start.
I know, that’s only 2 cents worth.

In order for a select to on the front end, you would need to load all the dates in the collection list, have a field that included a date, then use either mixitup, isotope or your own custom code to hide all the images and then filter them by date on a select field change. There are tutorials in the forums for the two JavaScript libraries I mentioned.

Hello guys, thanks for the help. I will try the options that have been placed here. Hugs!