CMS - Filtering by Months using FinSweet Embaded Code

Hi everybody , First & Big project . Stucking in some things But I Have you!

Im building A listing Site , For a big property rental Company.
The site is like a service site .
And the most important feature is the months and when the lease is ending.
So I Need to build in the nabar Search by 4 Buttons (May - Aug) ( Sep - Dec) (Jan - Apr ).

Im Stuck. cant realise what is the best way to do that . I’m using FinSweet

Please Help me …

Maybe not the best, but the most low tech approach would be this:

• Add a collection field with a drop-down option for each month range
• Set up a page a separate page per month range
• Add same collection element to each page and filter it by month range, so that only those listings show that have the given range set
• Add a navbar across these pages (use as a Symbol)
• You might set up a page for ‘All’ items as well with an unfiltered collection element

That would be the out-of-the-box approach without any extra coding.

Hi Spirelli! Thanks for the help
Actually, I try to do that but I did not succeed… how I call the function? to pull the data from CMS. :smiley: