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List view of sites in Dashboard

Wish list item: As the number of sites in my dashboard grows, I’m starting to feel the need for a list view vs. the grid view.

Higher density (more sites above the fold) is one obvious advantage, but grouping and sorting have a lot of potential to help as well. Purely off the top of my head:

  • Foldering: Being able to create folders for ad hoc organizing sites by client, etc. would be awesome. Multiple levels, please!
  • Sorting: Here are extemporaneous things I’m pretty sure I’d use:
    • Date
    • Name
    • Modified date
  • Other columns (not sortable)
    • Settings
    • Optional thumbnail in left column (maybe 50 px tall, or go crazy and do user-selectable sizes like Photoshop’s Layers thumbnail options)

Off to play with the new tabs feature… :smile:

Thanks for the feedback Allen! I’ve been thinking about the same improvements! We’ll do a big dashboard update eventually to include this and a lot more needed features for organization accounts.

Cool - I hope the list view won’t be exclusive to Orgs - even Personal could use it and Pro would be hurting without it.

Oh man you should see my dashboard! It’s a big wall. Definitely lots to improve here. :smiley:

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