List or FAQ on all default value elements

Time and time again I find it totally mind-numbing bewildering when I use elements, and then there’s some padding or default value somewhere that I have to manually “zero out” in order to get rid of it. I’d love it if there would be in the help section a FAQ that tells me what these elements are, and what their values are.

Actually, I’d likely prefer that everything already have no values, but obviously someone at Webflow thought they should have them. so, at the very least, make a FAQ out of them.

Current example: making a menu bar - somehow there’s padding applied to the sides, as the menu links are in from either side just a bit. would love to counter this - instead, I’m using negative margins. still have no idea where that’s coming from.


I think all the paddings/margins are there so they fit into the Grid Overlay.
If you use the menu, the columns and so on, it all fits within the Grid Overlay.
I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I always make my own menu anyway :slight_smile: