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Invisible values we have no control over, or am I crazy?

I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to implement this awesome Accordion:

Except, after experimenting for over an hour, I’m realizing there is some “invisible” 10px padding I’m guessing that is just “built in” to the Dropdown Component, but ONLY for the open list element. This makes precise control over spacing between my elements impossible.

I feel like I’ve run into these hidden values in other places before. Why o why does this happen? OR, am I getting this wrong? I really think Webflow’s philosophy should be NO HIDDEN values, and honestly NO DEFAULT values for ANYTHING.

Another examples, somehow I keep accidentally making my own Body tag, on top of the real pink Body tag - why not just automatically make the real one visible on default for me to edit?

General feedback: for a platform geared towards designers that want to customize everything, don’t assume what we want, and don’t make hidden values of any sort, please.

OR, correct me if I’m wrong. Because, I feel like I want to bang my head against the wall. I love Webflow 99% of the time, but in these weird edge cases I want to jump out a window.

As far as I know, browser uses standard css styles. If Webflow would not use standard css, they will still be adjusted by the browser! And I think every css style can be adjusted. Can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

So, you’re saying the browser is adding this 10 pixel padding? And, every browser does this consistently? That doesn’t really seem to make sense to me, either.


Maybe this helps;