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Various feedback

Hi there, I just tried out Webflow by starting off one website with it and I wanted to give some feedback/ask some questions. It is already a fine web app, and I know that it is under rapid and constant development.

So in no particular order here are some things:

  • the Palatino font is incorrectly spelled “Palotino”
  • there needs to be a way to set styles in the context of a parent or ancestor (I read somewhere else that this will hoepfully be added in the future)
  • is there a way to re-order columns?
  • can there be a way to select multiple items, for moving around together, or doing other operations all at once?
  • what about setting padding or margins all at once or v h style
  • I came across some bug trying to rename classes, it would look like I renamed it in the Navigator panel, but then when I looked elsewhere it wasn’t changed
  • it would be awesome if you could move styles you accidentally set at one breakpoint to another one, because I did that all the time. Usually you just want to move something to the default styles because you forgot you were in a bp
  • I had some note about “grid alignment” but I can’t remember what that was

That’s all for now I guess. Let me know if some of this is due to my ignorance!

hold ALT while dragging one of the margins/paddings settings

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Thanks for the feedback @lomacar! Pretty much everything you mentioned we want to improve/build so hold tight!