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Links to categories template page from static home page

Hello ! I’ve created a static homepage, and a categories template, product template, how can I link those (categories) to my home page ? And the separate collection list items to their corresponding products

They don’t seem to appear in the drop down link, it seems like a pretty straight forward thing I’m missing. Any tips appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

In the case where you can’t link to the item you have to use a external link manually populated with the path and slug in those cases. Make the link relative /collection/collection-item-slug.

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Oh okay thank you! Really appreciate the help

Do I need to change those once my site is published to my actual domain (the link would change)

Also do I need to make every collection item list in my e-commerce grid a link block? I somehow thought that would be default thing…

Relative links are relative to the site so they work regardless of where published as long as the path exists. Again you only need to do this when no existing link choice will work.

Collection list items can easily link to the collection item displayed. Just create a link block or link text and set the link property to point to the collection item.

Review the content at the University for more info.

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