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Blue coloured links on Text Link

Hi There

I’ve used the text link on the footer to create a small menu. I’ve added a class to style them but can’t get rid of the default blue links.

Many Thanks

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This is a strange phenomena in Webflow.
Sometimes you have to click on the element, change the color to something else, and THEN click on the color you want. Simply clicking the color white without doing this first doesn’t change the color. It’s odd.
Give it a try. I gave it a try and it worked for me.

Also, the entire block is colored as white here. Make sure if you add text to this block that it will differentiate itself from the links that would also be white. I hope this helps.

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Hey thanks so much @Lux
I did what you suggested and it worked


Hurrah! Glad to be of help, Scottlandia.

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