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Links don't have color or underline, makes redesign unusable.

If I put a link to a cute puppy in this text, could you tell?

Formatting links differently to the rest of the text is the first thing we did on the Internet. Incredible that the redesigners haven’t skipped over this.

Hi @Bansisingh

Are you referring to this forum or a project of yours?

I would be able to tell. I LOVE puppies.

Be sure to

  1. style your html ALL LINKS tag,

And be sure to
2) include a text link style class in your UI page before beginning your project.

Include 4 colors for both a “light” theme for dark text on a light background and Dark theme for light text on dark background. If you picked 2 main colors for your General UI, use those plus a light or dark variant on each, as long as the contrast is readable and accessible.

Yes. Browsers have default distinct states for

Pressed and

So should you.

It’s what users expect. A designers job is to make it easy and intuitive to use. Not pretty. But you get extra credit if you achieve both. You get nothing if you just achieve pretty.

So where are your classes “textlink” and “textlink-dark” you style your links with?

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