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Linking to the next collection page (i.e. next blog post)

Hey everyone,

I’ve created a blog post (through a collection). I’m now trying to add a link at the bottom of the blogpost that will send the user to the next post. However, when I try to setup the internal linking, I can only figure out how to link to the current blog post. Does anyone know how I can link to the next most recent blog post?



Here is my site Read-Only:
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Did you ever figure this out? I’m needing the same thing. I need it to function like this:

1 suggestion:

Keep the “Current Blog Post” template for the current blog post after one has scrolled through the blogs.

Create a new page that has all the blog teaser posts inside a slider. Slide, slide, slide, click - on interesting slide then goes to the current blog post template. Don’t forget a back button.

This is only good if you have just a few blogs.