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Linking to section from button doesn't work

Hey guys, I have some custom code on my site that fills individual sections to 100vh and moves between sections on scroll, but it seems to break the ability to move to sections on a button click! :frowning: Below is the public URL and share link.

The focus is on the ‘Main’ page not the ‘home’ page.

You’ll notice in the first section I have two buttons that link to other sections on the page, but clicking them takes you…nowhere. 0.o

If you reload the page with the #[sectionID] it WILL take you to that section, but wont allow you to scroll out of it, with the exception of #flavor-start which will allow you to scroll through the whole page EXCEPT the top section. 0.o

Any ideas guys? lol

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Some more info: I used the solution provided by @Revolution and @thesergie in THIS topic for the scroll effect. It might help in any efforts to figure this puzzle out.

Thanks guys!

Since you are using a custom jquery plugin for the full-page scrolling, this is what is breaking out own in-page scrolling.

Try using the plugin’s code to do this instead:

Also, I noticed that you are pulling the JS file from another site’s server. Be careful with this. If, at anytime the Web Designer/Developer moves that JS file elsewhere, it will break your site.

Instead, try downloading the JS file and uploading it to your own dropbox or other cloud file service.

Hope this helps :smile:

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Thanks a lot PixelGeek! I didn’t realize the fullpage script had the option to define anchors! I uploaded the script to my webserver and added the following code to define the anchors.

Thanks again!

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