Linking to PDF Files

I have some pdf files that I want to share with the visitors of my site. How do I make my links target a file using webflow?

// Rickard Hermansson

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Hi @Rickard. I would upload them to your Dropbox and drop the dropbox share link into the href field for a button or text link. We don’t support non-image file uploads/hosting quite yet. This would be the quickest and best solution.


I Will do that, thank you.

//Rickard Hermansson

Is there an update on when WF will support document file uploads?

I’m 100% sure that we will one day, but I don’t know when. Currently we are building out our core features. File uploads will be necessary for fonts, video files, external scripts, general file downloads, etc.

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Thanks for the response. This forum is amazingly helpful and Webflow is awesome. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


Hope I am correct in getting from this post that webflow at the moment doesnt offer the facility to host and link to documents. As we all know content is king and so I was searching for an alternative, you can use another website to host your PDFs and create a URL for you. You can then insert that link into your webflow website and link out to this external page which is in fact your PDF or word document etc without going to dropbox or other public drive which I think is unprofessional but ok for friends etc.

Its an option :slight_smile:

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Hi Lindsey, I have a similar problem - we want to share lots of PDF resources - may I ask which website did you use to host your PDF’s? Info much appreciated.