How to link to a section on another page?

I want to make one of my buttons link to a #section that’s on a different page.
How can I do this?



Use a external link without the domain. Example; /somepage#someanchor will do the trick.

So how would I do that from within Webflow?
…Or do I need to manually edit the raw HTML after I export every single time?
I’m hoping I can do it within Webflow somehow…
Is that possible?

Let’s say I want a link from in my footer symbol to link to the home page #section1
How would I do that?

Take a look at the URL link type.

I know entering an external link with # will work once I export and upload to my server.
But how can I get this to work while still using Webflow, and publishing to the io domain?

Again my situation:
I want to link to a section that resides on the homepage.
This link is present on ALL pages of the site.
…I want the link to work while published on the webflow io domain, as well as after exported.

If not mistaken, the homepage webflow exports is named “default”, correct?
But that doesn’t seem to work. It takes me to whatever dot webflow dot io /default#section fine,
but apparently the “default” page name doesn’t exist on the webflow dot io domain…
…Because that doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

The relative path to the home page of a site is /, so /#anchorid would
be the solution for your problem.

Problem solved.
Thank you!

These forums are so much friendlier than stack, it’s almost unreal.
Thanks again!

Oh! One more question about links!
I have some download links on my site as well…
I have already uploaded them to my server, in a folder called “downloads”.
However, this doesn’t seem to work when I enter it as an external link:
http www mywebsite com /downloads/filename dot zip
Why would this not be working?

That is because people are volunteering personal time to do so. Please consider pay it forward. Makes the community a better place!

I would suggest using your browsers developer tools to inspect and check the link. If it is throwing a 404 error, the resource does not exist at that path.

If you shared a published link on your exported site, I could look, if you are not familiar with code.

I am familiar with code, it just seems too straight-forward to be wrong.
However, I just solved the problem: Uppercase letters DO matter!

My only remaining question about links is the following:
Some downloads are pdf files, doc files, etc…
Rather than opening in the browser, how can I get these to start a download prompt instead?

From within the Webflow designer, that is… so I don’t have to adjust raw html every time I export.

How would that be possible (the question in my most recent reply)?

That is controlled by the file association in the operating system and whether the browser detects the resource type. Not a behavior controlled by actions in the designer. People generally right click on the resource and choose save as when that is what they wish to do.

Does this clarify your question?

That makes perfect sense.
Simply wasn’t sure whether there was a way to force the link to prompt instead or not.
However it sounds as if the answer would be no.
Thanks again, much appreciated!

Hey, if you don’t mind, I have one last question.
How does it work if I were to upload my files using the webflow designer?
When I export, for use on my separate server, is everything lined up perfectly?
I am currently subscribed to the “Lite” plan (I think)… The roughly ~$24/mo one, I believe.
Would it be simpler to just upload the files using the designer, export, and done?
Or do I need to/should I continue to upload the files separately, and hard-link to them?

Thanks in advance for any information!