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API // From Immobilienscout24 to Webflow

Hi everyone!
I have a question/problem. I don’t know too much about API’s (watched some main videos etc, when Zapier is involved then it seems understandable) and would like to get some more knowledge.

Let’s say I am building a real estate agency website and I would like to create a CMS for agency portfolio. But because most of the agencies in Germany uses Immobilienscout24 for their listings, then it would be perfect to grab all the details automatically from Immobilienscout24 (title, images, info, prices etc) when they upload a new listing there.
How is it possible to do with API’s (Immobilienscout should have quite good information and good API - ).

Maybe a stupid question, but I don’t understand how I could pull different details from Immobilienscout to Webflow CMS (let’s say I create a collection where I have fields like Title, Location, Main Image, Other Images, Price etc and would like to get all details from there). They also don’t have Zapier integration which would make it much easier for me to connect WF and Immobilienscout24.

Thank you so much if someone finds time to give advice :slight_smile:

Can someone give me some guidance, please?:slight_smile: )

You will need custom bridge between webflow and this product. There is no JS API. There are commercial modules built for some other CMS as noted in the page below.

Looks like trying to integrate the two would be expensive and many development hours. My observation is based on a 5 minute look.

That’s not good news. Really hoped that there’s an easier way to bring data into Webflow CMS.

No easier way 2 years later @webdev?

@AlexP - Honestly I would have no way to know without doing research. That is a paid activity on my end.

I absolutely understand, thought maybe someone from Webflow might reply and didn’t get, that you’re not an employee. :slight_smile: Thank you anyways

@AlexP no you need to use a “bridge” as was already mentioned. It’s not hard to do, but it is necessary.

It wouldn’t make sense for Webflow to integrate with this service directly when services like Integromat or Zapier exist and already have 3,000+ integrations.

I have some walk throughs, tutorials, and generally just more info on how to do all of this if you’re interested, happy to share.