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Linking from the homepage collection list to a dynamic page of another collection list

I’m building my website and I would like to have 4 collections lists so I can have a custom dynamic template for each. One for Motion, one for Web, one for Print and the last is going to be the main collection which I’ll use to build my portfolio grid on the home page. before I go too far I’m trying to test and make sure this works. I can’t find a way to link the grid images from my home page collections to the individual dynamic pages from the category collections. Is this even possible? I’m trying to use the reference field but it’s not working or I’m not doing it right. I’m trying to avoid having to post all the pages and copying and pasting the links manually.

I hope I explain this correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I guessing you want me to click on an image then your page will go to another page/section/something. I hope this helps.

Your link block doesn’t go anywhere image
Assign a link to do something like go to individual dynamic pages.

Select your link the it’s setting image

My guess is you want the link to go to the corresponding motion. If so, then switch the collection list source to motions.

Hi Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, what you are showing me on the screenshots it’s exactly what I would like to do. I want to assign the link blocks from the “Main Collection Wrapper” to go to the corresponding pages from the “Motion Collection Wrapper” or any of the other 2 collections that I still need to create. but as you can see on the second screenshot, when I try to select the page, It only shows me the main grid collection and I want to get to the motion collection pages.

How do I get it to show me the other collections pages?

Thanks again for your help.

You’ve setup what you want to accomplish but have it turned off.
The first screenshot shows you have two Collection Wrappers with the Motion off and inside the Main div. I turned it on and move it out from inside the Section and put it inside it’s own div (also the Main.) Now I think it does what you intended.image