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Help with static page to same cms collections with different linking

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to Webflow and I’m currently designing a website for my portfolio using a template. I’ve been struggling with an issue that I can’t seem to get around. I have a static page (My portfolio page) that I want to link to two separate pages within one CMS collection. They are under the same CMS collection and are meant to link to my ‘design’ side and my ‘fine art’ side. This cms collection is meant to lead to another cms collection and so forth. However, every time I try to link them, they end up going to the same page (which ultimately doesn’t even show up anyway). I have tried playing around with the reference fields and adding different categories, but nothing seems to be working here. This is the main issue I am struggling with, in addition to the fact that any link I do link it to doesn’t actually seem to work. I hope I have explained this clearly enough-- any help would be appreciated!

Here is my public share link:
Webflow - Gabrielle's Portfolio