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Linking from Nav Bar link to Section on same page

How do you make a section of your page link to your Nav Bar.

For example:

I have a Health nav link in my Nav Bar and I want to to link to the section I have created called Health which on the same page.


Select the target section, go to the settings tab and add a name in the Unique ID field.

Select your navbar link item, go to the setting tabs under links, click on the third button 'S section on your page) and select the section in the dropdown list.

Thankyou for your help, I have accomplished the linking. However, on another note how do you keep the navbar at the top of the page as you scroll so that it overlays the content as you scroll down.

Select the navbar, make it position:fixed and width:100%

I’m having difficulty getting my 2nd and 3rd nav links applying to sections further down the page. My first link to the section works fine.

I have a preview link here:

Under the Community tab in the header you will see the nav bar on the left with a drop down of three choices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!