Linking elements to a tab that are outside the tab pane

I’m wondering how I can have an element outside of a tab pane change when clicking on different tabs? In my site, I have an image outside of my tab pane that I would like to change when toggling from tab to tab. Am i able to somehow link the image to a single tab?

In terms of my page, I would like to set my illustration to change when the “Windows” tab is clicked

It rang a bell and I found this

It’s from @Finsweet 's Attributes library. Always very easy to integrate.

If you try, please tell me if it worked :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t think this solution will work :frowning: After taking a look, this is for when you want replicate clicks across multiple elements. I don’t want anything to happen when the image is clicked, I want it to change with the tabs as the tabs are clicked

Sorry I read too fast.
I made a working example using a Tabs component and IX.

Here’s a sharing link to inspect it Webflow - ✓ 2022 Vincent Bidaux Sandbox

This worked great, thank you so much!

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