How to change card content when you click an image

So I’m kinda new to Webflow animations (still learning it) and I was wondering if I can use animations to change the content of a card based on an image I click inside the card?

Let’s say there’s a slider with several images, when you click any of the images the content changes based on that image.

Something like this:

Any pointers or headers about what too look up online would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This could be done with IX, but what you describe is quite exactly a Tabs component.

As an example on how to take control of the -Tabs element, I made this: Webflow - ✓ 2022 Vincent Bidaux Sandbox

The last example of the page uses Position Absolute to create a layout similar to the one you’re after.

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I didn’t even notice Webflow had a tab component, wow. Thank you very much! I’ll check it once I’m back in office.

Thanks for the link as well! Much appreciated.

I’ve just checked out, and though it does provide the tab features, the problem is that webflow doesn’t integrate a slider into the tab navigation.

I’ve looked into the hide and show interaction, and it may have worked, though I’m facing a new type of problem so I’ll dedicate a special post for it.

Thanks for the response anyway

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