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Linked Colors - Updating same color theme across site

Currently, there is an option in the color palette to allow you to save colors for easy selection.

I was wondering if, there can be an option to save colors to a “Linked Collection”, that will allow colors to be changed together, similar to how updating symbols will update all instances.

This is how it might work:

  • Add current color to special “Linked Colors”
  • Color in “Linked Colors” is selected/used on multiple elements
  • Changing the “Linked Color”, will update the elements that it has been applied to, whether it is a text color, background color, or border color

This would be a fantastic little feature.

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Please make the colour palette better. When you save a colour that’s great, but you should be able to edit the saved colour and then any element that is using that saved colour will also have it’s colour updated. There is no other way to do this except the long and arduous process of individually manually updating each element, which if you have alot, is tedious. If I want to update a branding or colour scheme across the site it is painstaking and considering that conceptual design is part of the nature of this software, you’d think that colour would be a bigger part of the overall system. I look forwards to seeing this implemented soon :wink:

I agree this would be a great feature but I can imagine it would be incredibly hard for the webflow team to implement something so extensive as far as linking. This has been suggested a few times already. I would be surprised if this becomes a reality anytime soon, sadly. It would be a great feature.

Not sure how it would be difficult? Instead of a colour, the colour becomes a class. The class is then used when you select the colour instead of the actual colour. Then when you update the colour in the saved colour palette it updates the class so all of the objects using that saved colour/class would all be updated. The same as if using a text editor. I would have a class “red” say for red text, then use that for all text alI wanted red. Simple. Then say I wanted to change that red to a different shade or orange or blue or whatever, its just a matter of changing the class and all elements with that class will be updated.

The class system used by webflow is useful but also an absolute pain in the arse in equal measures. Also with a text editor I could search for the #ref and do it that way too. I mean if webflow opened up its code to be search and edited then the software would be perfect. But I can’t see that happening any time soon. However a simple, badly needed, updating of its colour palette is far more likely and sounds simple to me. There is more you could do too, like re-organising saved colours into groups and so on, as the palettes are all jumbled up if not pre-planned… But lets start with the basics… :slight_smile:

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