Using colors as symbols?

Is it possible to make colors into reusable symbols so when you decide to change the master color later the color updates across the children symbols? For example: {light-grey} is the reference to the color and then I can freely adjust the grey and it updates everywhere. I’ve seen this with some CSS frameworks but haven’t found the right search term for it here… :thinking:

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Hey Ashley! This feature is actually baked right into Webflow! When you have a color swatch saved, and you’ve been using that swatch to style elements, you can click on it and then click the little pencil icon and change the color. It will then update that color everywhere that swatch is being used.



Yep… here’s the tutorial for it:

I don’t think it’s available for collections yet. Check the wishlist section to see if it’s in development here:

waaaaah!! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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