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Ecommerce client product categories filters

Hey guys,
I’m having a lot of trouble creating a way to filter products via cms atributes i gave to the products in a Categories Template page.

Here’s a pic illustrating whats going on.

Once i click on a atribute (top list ‘Bodies’ ‘Vestidos e saias’ etc) i’m redirected to the atributes CMS page. Is there anyway of using this list as a filter without the redirect?!

Thanks for help!

Hi @Gregorio_Rodrigues,

Can you share a read-only link to your project so I can take a look at how the CMS attributes are set?

Hi Rodrigo
Sure, here it is


Hey @Gregorio_Rodrigues I could not find the filters you mentioned… I’m looking at the wrong page?

Hey Rodrigo,
No, you’re in the correct page! I messed it up for a couple of tests, but it’s on now.


@rodrigo_leles Any news on this topic? i’m completely stuck :pensive:

Hey man sorry for the delay and thanks for the reminder. Its seems like you want to use a real time filter and I’m not sure if this is doable without using a third party service like MixitUp:

A workaround would be to create a page for each filter by using filtering on collection lists… but that’s just too much work.

Let me know it that helps.

Hey man, no problem whatsoever :call_me_hand:
Yeah, thats what i was afraid of, it seems like ton of work to make mix it up work. Have you tried it before?

Thanks a lot
Abraço :grin:

Never tried but actually it doesn’t seem too hard. Found this tutorial: and this guy is adding the same kind of filtering you need!

I’m gonna give it a try this weekend :face_with_thermometer:
It looks like what i want, but actually he’s not using multiref as filter inside a collection view, so he’s just doing what i already have on my store. what i need is the secondary navigation using the multiref.

Hi - just wondering if you managed to find a way of creating a filtering on a page? I have the same problem…

Same here @Gregorio_Rodrigues, did you figured it out?