Link-text within paragraph

Trying to have a text-link within a paragraph but it messes up the paragraph text flow – see attached images.
I know this is a topic that has been discussed (and closed) here.
But I set the default All Links as an inline element and followed all the other suggested solutions but I can’t seem to make it work.
What is it that I’m doing wrong?


I cannot replicate the behaviour when accessing the share link you’ve provided. Also, the pages look different from your creen shots (white rather than black page backgrounds)

It’s because that section/layer is turned off.
That’s the problem with read-only links when one is working on the actual site.
I’ll turn it back on and create a duplicate. I’ll come back and post that updated read-only.

Ok. here’s the read-only with respective hero-layer turned on.
Thank you for your patience!

Setting your ‘hero-paragraph’ class to display “block” should do the trick.

So the parent element has to be set to inline.
Yikes! I feel embarrassed now – I really thought I tried every option.

Thank you so much!!

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