Link styling defaults to visited state as soon as URL is added

Hello humaans :smiley_cat:

Created a few different kinds of links. Styling applied to all links. Default state, hover and visited all different colours with 400ms colour transition.
Styling behaves as it should when the site is viewed in the Designer and when published.
Adding an email or document link does not affect anything, however, adding a URL does.

Even though the link was set as a URL link, as soon as a URL is actually added the styling changes.
Default colour shows visited colour, hover state colour is lost as well at times.

Making the link a text link, or putting text into a link block and giving it a custom class and applying styling again doesn’t help either.

I created a new project to see if the issue persists and it seems to be happening everywhere.
I think it’s a bug as the new project doesn’t have any classes, styling, custom code etc that could be causing the issue.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Link and styling errors replicate

I tried to change the URL inside your link and it seems to works.

I have the normal style & the visited style once i clicked on the link

Can you try to change with an URL that you never visit from your webflow project ?

Hi Louis

Thank you, tried that and it works but will still have to style the visited state and default state the same as it doesn’t reset if you refresh the page.

I think the visited state is related to the browser and not the page so it is normal that it doesn’t change when you refresh the page.

Quick search :
Stackoverflow.- how-long-will-a-browser-remember-a-avisited-link

Css-tricks Visited